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About Us

Ayandeh carpet , one of the pioneers of machine made carpets, operates in the ancient city of Kashan, the cradle of Iran's carpets. Ayandeh Carpet is one of the most up-to-date carpet companies with the aim of innovation and changing traditional beliefs by offering countless designs and roles. Honesty is our method and gaining trust is our goal. Under the management of Mr. Mohammad Tayebi, Future Carpet operates as a sub-group of Tayyab Baft Kashan Manufacturing Company and presents its designs and products to carpet sellers and home customers in the form of an exhibition. Ayandeh Carpet is the supplier of the largest carpet exhibitions and stores throughout Iran; Quality, return guarantee, five-year warranty and extraordinary payment conditions are among the conditions that encourage every seller to choose Ayandeh Carpet as a reference for their products. We cover every taste and pro experts of future carpets will offer you the best items considering your color scheme and taste. To visit and cooperate, please use the following contact numbers. Our address: Shahada Blvd., Kashan (Dar al-Salaam), next to technical inspection